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Kathy Burke hits out at Boris Johnson for his response to coronavirus

Film and TV star Kathy Burke has hit out at Prime Minister Boris Johnson for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, calling him a “shambles of a human being” and a “charlatan”. The “Kevin and Perry” star went on to add an expletive ridden attack on him following his latest statement, changing “Stay at Home” to “Stay Alert” and telling the general public to “use common sense”.

Outspoken comedian Burke, 55, said “It’s common sense not to vote Tory in the first f***ing place. What a s*** show”. She added “people have called me all the fat c***s under the sun on here (Twitter) and I don’t usually block them. But if you’re telling me that you like that shambles of a human being and all his c***Y mates then you can f*** right off”. She went on to say “I said many a time that he will never be PM cos he’s a f***ing charlatan and people have the common sense to see that”.

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