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Candles have always been there in our lives. They have come a long way from the plain white household bundle, kept under the stairs or in a kitchen drawer, to candles so beautiful that we keep them around us as objects because they are far to pretty to burn. Now available in every colour under the sun, and every size and shape imaginable, every household has candles to burn. After a lengthy power cut here in Finestrat, which isn’t a rarity, the whole house became lit by candles one autumn night, and it was so wonderful to sit and look at that flickering mellow light bathing the walls with ripples of iridescent flames. It would have been how my house would have been originally lit, and it seemed so very natural. However the TV was out of the question, of course.

People very often ask me how they can back up their messages sent to the Spirit World, and I always feel that the lighting of a candle helps to send a message to the other side. In every reading I always have at least one candle burning, and I like to think that it is an illumination that can be picked up on by those who have made their journey to the other side. Sending out the clear message with a candle can and does have some very wonderful effects. Mind you I can never waste a candle. Each and every one that I light is dedicated especially to someone. Maybe they need some tender love and care, or they could do with a bit of healing or they are awaiting a message, or they just need some focus to help them along the way, whatever, I feel that the action of lighting a candle brings a special energy into play.

Candles are loved and revered by all the angelic hosts. The valiant and illuminating flame that you choose to send may be just a small one, but the energy sent by the simple flame of a candle can back up your message and help to gain relevant attention from those who look to us on Earth. We benefit too by looking at the candle. I have run many workshops in which the flame of the candle reveals the colours of the auric fields. Now when I look at the flame of the candle I am able to see the rainbow cluster of energy that shines from even the simplest ones. I have taught many to witness the aura energy of a mere nightlight, but generally if you can find a good quality candle, beeswax is wonderful if you have it, a dinner candle from the supermarket will do just as well. Just look above the flame in a darkened room, and you will see above the energy of that flame the most wonderful colours. All the colours of the rainbow will be there but it takes a consciousness to see even individual colours, or to focus, and everyone can do it, just don’t give up…if there is no result, then try again. You will surprise yourself with what you see, as every flame is surrounded by the colour energies produced. It is no wonder that a message gets home quicker when accompanied by a simple candle light flame. You may see one particular colour, and that can point the way to work yet to be done in the spiritual fields, or highlight your own particular, and unique auric colour because it shines especially for you. Please, whatever you do, do not leave your candle unattended at any time.

If you want to send a special message to Spirit then light a candle. Ask that your energies be conveyed in the flame to those whom you wish to contact, or maybe too to someone who needs to communicate with you. In séance the flames often flicker and this is very often the presence of someone wanting to come through, albeit in Light and Love.

If anyone needs your loving and tender care, or you want to send a message of your own making, or you feel that you need to light a candle for yourself, go ahead. As the flame burns then energies soar, and the light awakens your message with love and devotion, ensuring a delivery and provoking a response!

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