Lockdown rules planned to be broken this week
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Lockdown rules planned to be broken this week

Next week’s heatwave in the UK will cause people to break the terms of the lockdown, officials have predicted.

Previous warm weather this year had images of thousands of people flocking to beaches and national parks even though the government warned against it.

This led to a tighter lockdown with some parks closed and citizens being handed fines for breaches of social order.

The Covid-19 Act was also created to tackle the anarchy.

The UK will bask in weather hotter than Marbella and Mallorca this week with temperatures predicted to reach 28 degrees celcius in the south-east of the country.

On Wednesday, parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland will get see highs of 22C  while Wales could see 23C in the afternoon.

The north of England will reach a maximum temperature of 26C.

Officials feel that the hot weather will no doubt test the authorities resolve to contain the pandemic, with many people hurtling towards national parks yesterday for the first weekend since some of the lockdown restrictions were lifted.



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