Lord Sugar calls Piers Morgan 'disgusting and irresponsible'
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Lord Sugar calls Piers Morgan ‘disgusting and irresponsible’

Lord Alan Sugar launched a tirade against Morgan over ‘scaremongering-tactics.’

He states that Morgan was “spewing out rubbish unfairly against the government” and “scaremongering” during the coronavirus pandemic.

Talking to Sarah-Jane Mee on her Sky News podcast Lord Sugar said: “He’s just gone completely over the top and in the early stages of [the COVID-19 pandemic] scaremongering, and his constant hammering of the government is absolutely irresponsible and disgusting to be honest.”

The two have had a constant love-hate relationship over the years, starting in 2007 when Lord Sugar fired Morgan from his Celebrity Apprentice show.

Since then, they have taken their ‘fights’ to Twitter which seem to be just friendly-banter as the two have been spotted in the south of France together.

Lord Sugar even appeared on Piers Morgan’s ‘Life Stories’ aired in June 2019.

However, the pair’s friendship seems to be over after constant battles during the pandemic.

Last week Lord Sugar exploded at Morgan on Twitter calling him a ‘deluded pillack’ for trying to take credit for the NHS nurse fees being scrapped and for Captain Tom receiving his knighthood.

Lord Sugar admits that the government ‘has been caught with their trousers down’ regarding the handling of the coronavirus pandemic yet feels they should be supported.

Lord Sugar added: “Let me make it perfectly clear, the government’s not perfect, mistakes have been made and they’re learning as we’re going along.”

“I mean no one has ever been through anything like this and we have to learn as we go along what to do and I think it’s unreasonable to expect that the government should be fully aware of what they need to do.

“It’s kind of a learning curve. I think they’ve done the best they possibly can. I don’t think they’re deliberately going out of their way not to help, but it is a learning curve.”

Piers Morgan responded by saying that Lord Sugar is ‘a former friend.’

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