Malaga police start issuing fines for people not wearing masks
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Malaga police start issuing fines for people not wearing masks

Malaga police have stated  that they have started issuing fines to local residents not wearing face masks, with 23 people already fined from yesterday to this Friday morning.

The rule came into force earlier yesterday and the police have been out on the streets handing out obligatory fines to anyone breaking the law.

132 incidents between 7 am yesterday and 7 am today were reported by local police, with 64 people fined for not maintaining social distancing and 43 for non-compliance of rules by walking on or doing a sports activity on the beaches and promenades which are out of bounds.

Some received fines for sunbathing on the beach, unlicensed fishing, as well as playing sports outside of allotted hours set out by the government.

23 people were fined for not wearing a mask in the required public settings.

The decree set out by the Spanish government this week, states that masks must be worn across the face in confined public spaces, as well as outdoors in streets where social distancing of two metres cannot be maintained.

Malaga province was left back from moving into phase 2 with the rest of Andalusia on Monday and must wait another 14 days to prove itself to the government in Madrid.

So far, 35,000 citizens across Spain have been fined for some breach of order since the coronavirus lockdown began in March.

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