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Mum obsessed with kissing baby goodnight after being told she was infertile

A mother of a new born baby developed obsessive compulsive disorder after the birth when she was informed that she was infertile. Rachel Wanklyn, 37, was given the news having given birth to a baby girl after years of infertility. She had an irrational fear that her baby would die.

The OCD manifested itself in Rachel needing to kiss her baby goodnight every night in case she died in her sleep. The assistant teacher to children with special needs and her husband Daniel, 42, had been diagnosed with infertility back in 2010 and in 2014 adopted a son. They had just started the adoption process again when Rachel discovered she was pregnant. Her diagnosis for OCD was followed by months of counselling which has helped her to recover. She said that she now kisses her daughter goodnight but it no longer means the difference between her living or dying.

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