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News Bites: Spain – Catalonia reports more deaths on the day of phase change

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Spain – More deaths in Catalonia


The Generalitat of Catalonia has notified the Ministry of Health of 635 deaths on the same day that it moved into the next phase of de-escalation. The Ministry admonished the region as the data was of previous days and the region did not consistently report deaths in the past few days. A spokesperson for the Ministry said that ” we are going to have to be very aware of what is happening because it is not trivial that we cannot know what is going on in a specific area”.

France- Woman in her 70’s found dead at home

Following the discovery of the woman’s body in her home in May, three people have been indicted and imprisoned. The three, aged between 26 and 37 have been charged with theft and violence. The police were able to recognise the accused due to the testimony of a shopkeeper. According to reports, one of the accused is the neighbour who alerted the police to the murder scene.

Germany – virologists detect coronavirus in breast milk

Virologists in Ulm, Germany, have discovered the first case of the virus in breast milk of an infected lady.. Health authorities confirmed that the infant is also corona positive. However, there are a lot of questions regarding how the child came to be infected. The new possible pathway of infection has been published in the renowned journal “The Lancet”.

World – Pardon by Khashoggi’s son is a step forward for killers release


A Saudi court convicted 8 people for Khashoggi’s murder in December, with the death penalty for 5 and imprisonment for 3. His son Salah, who lives in Saudi Arabia, posted a statement on Friday pardoning the convicts. A UN investigator has predicted that these killers will eventually be released saying it will be the “final act in their well rehearsed parody of justice in front of an international community.

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