Panic after man opens fire outside church in Mallorca
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Panic after man opens fire outside church in Mallorca

Frightened residents witness an armed man fire his weapon in Inca, Mallorca killing multiple pigeons.

A manhunt by local police was launched to track down the man.

Scared residents had called 112 after seeing the man believed to be in his 50s, fire his gun into surrounding trees outside of the Sant Alonso Rodriguez church on Plaza de la Iglesia in Inca on the north side of the island.

Armed police, fearing residents to be hurt in the shooting, arrived on the scene to find multiple dead pigeons on the ground, presumed to have been shot from the assailants rifle.

After taking the resident’s description of the man he was later found standing next to a parked van and was immediately arrested.

A search was sustained on the vehicle he was next to and police found a 22 calibre rifle with an optic sight.

The man, yet to be named, has been charged with illegal possession of a weapon and civil disobedience.

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