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People are to blame for coronavirus, not bats expert says

The long-term damage to bat’s reputations are being damaged by ‘unproven theories’ a conservationist has said.

Lisa Worledge, from the Bat Conservation Trust (BCT), said that there is now People are to blame for coronavirus, not bats expert says”misplaced fear” about the role of the creatures during the coronavirus pandemic because of “careless” untruths online.

She is concerned about the long-term reputation of bats, with some nations giving the go ahead for the culling of bats to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

“It’s been heartbreaking to see the reaction,” she said.

“In some places they’ve culled bats… because of what they’ve heard, what someone’s said, and in some cases these are endangered species.

The coronavirus pandemic is thought to have been started in China via the spread of the virus from bats to humans, which some experts have said cannot be proven.

Markets in Wuhan which sell different forms of animals as food and as live pets were closed at the start of the year as the virus raged across the country.

“To see some people’s reaction which is born out of fear, and very, very misplaced fear, because of careless things said on social media is really heartbreaking, particularly for someone like myself,” Ms Worledge continued.

“But equally it is also really inspiring to see how some people have stepped up – volunteers and members of the public who have jumped to support bats and say how incredible these animals are and go out of their way to set the record straight.”

Bats are a protected species in the United Kingdom.

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