People in Gibraltar break rules only 4 days into lockdown

People in Gibraltar break rules only 4 days into lockdown

Pictures from beaches in Gibraltar show people staying well-beyond the allotted time of thirty minutes and breaking lockdown rules.

Lockdown was only lifted 4 days ago on the 18th of May with the British Territory moving into phase 2.

The move into this phase of lockdown means that friends and families can gather in groups of 12, restrictions on movement are lifted, some establishments have reopened and museums and art galleries, and some sports may resume.

Beaches in Gibraltar are strictly regulated with only a 30 minute window for people to be on and the beach is only for the over 70s from 10 am to midday to give them a safe environment.

However, still images from cameras show the same umbrellas and same people for hours in one spot.

People took to social media sites such as Twitter to voice their outrage with one person stating: “It’s one rule for them and one rule for us.”

Another said: “People are obviously not following these rules and that there are no consequences.”

According to a Gibraltar outline of phases, restrictions on beach time and activities will only be relaxed in phase 4 which starts on the 16th of June.

As a warm weekend appears police presence will be expected to be stepped up to enforce the rules set out.

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