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People losing sense of smell to be added to the list of corona virus symptoms

People who notice a change in their sense of smell, or the loss of smell altogether, are being asked to self isolate as the government add “anosmia” to the list of corona virus symptoms along with a persistent dry cough and high fever.

Anosmia is defined as ” a loss in, or change to, the normal sense of smell”. However, the government are also saying that a loss in taste could also be indicative of anosmia.

People will now be asked to self-isolate if they have a continuous dry cough, fever or anosmia. Although a list of other symptoms do exist, such as abdominal pain and diarrhoea, the government are trying to pinpoint specific symptoms to make identification of the virus easier.

It is not yet clear whether anosmia affects certain groups of people but the government said there are signal it is more frequent in women and girls, however it is a “minority report” and not yet clear at all.

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