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Peter Rabbit Author Beatrix Potter’s collection sells for £213,000

Author Beatrix Potter’s collection of drawings, books and letters has sold for £213,000 at US-based Doyle Auctions.

The 20 piece collection dating back to 1890 includes a drawing of Peter Rabbit. This was created 7 years before the best selling book was written. A First Edition 1902 “The Tale of Gloucester” book was also sold.

Personal letters between Beatrix and her cousin were included in the collection.

Beatrix Potter - Photo credit Wikipedia

Helen Beatrix Potter was born 28th July 1866  and passed away on 22nd  December 1943.Best known for her Peter Rabbit series, she was also an illustrator, scientist and conservationist.

She wrote a total of thirty books, twenty three of which were children’s tales.

She died of Pneumonia aged 77, and left the majority of her property to the National Trust.

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