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Phantom Toilet Flinger lands one in Spain’s Benidorm holiday town with a message to pending holiday makers

A phantom toilet flinger as he’s known seems to have reached Spain’s Benidorm holiday town as one of his/hers arts of work appeared in Benidorm this morning.

The phantom who started out laying out his art on the Costa del Sol appears to have gone further afield and reached the Costa Blanca unless it’s a copy cat phantom as the social media platforms see people having a right giggle at the latest creations that are going viral.

“A Crapper” as they are being known

Someone or some people, are laying out by refuse bins toilets with an empty bottle of wine next to them and when you lift the lid there’s a note inside written on loo paper.

This morning in Benidorm one was spotted on the sea front by Kevin Lewis who told the RTN of the sighting:

” I had read on facebook and instagram all about this phantom toilet flinger down on the Costa del Sol, I was out this morning taking my walk and low an behold there was a “crapper” as they have been nicknamed, I must have been first to spot it as the note was still inside when I lifted the lid”

” The note said: ” Slide your way to Benidorm if you are contemplating a hol” – I burst out laughing in the street and passers by asked me what I was laughing about and had to explain how crappers as they are nicknamed are being found”

“Nobody has a clue who’s doing this but it’s so funny but I think we can rule out Banksy that’s for sure” Kevin laughed.

Clearly someone is having some fun in Benidorm and other parts of Spain but it’s certainly bringing tears to the eyes of many right now as ” Crappers appear”

If you spot a Crapper be sure to send a photo to the RTN we would love to see it!


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