Police arrest two men accused of terrorist offences in Spain
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Police arrest two men accused of terrorist offences in Spain

The men have been accused of conspiracy to incite terror by creating terrorist groups to cause atrocities throughout Spain.

The two men, who haven’t been identified, were arrested during a raid in the town of Bolanos de Calatrava, located between Granada and Madrid.

The isolated Ciudad Real region in the centre of the country looked to be the perfect outpost for the men to snowball their terrorism ideals.

The police became aware of the two men through websites sympathetic to jihadism which they were frequenting daily and posting on.

One of the individuals was planning to create a group in order to carry out attacks and had tried to recruit vulnerable people.

They were also charged with breaking Spain’s laws regarding lockdown due to the coronavirus.

The men have not been identified as of yet.

It comes as a man was arrested in Barcelona last week for inciting terrorism and was planning to bomb the ‘El Clasico’ football match between Barcelona and Real Madrid.

A British man was arrested on terror offences in Spain last month and was once thought to be ‘Jihadi John’, an ISIS executioner who had beheaded numerous people on camera, once calling out former UK PM David Cameron by name.

However, Jihadi John, real name Mohammed Emwazi, was killed in a drone strike by coalition forces in Syria in 2015.

The British man arrested in Spain last month was identified as Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, a former British rapper turn terror-suspect, who remains in custody.



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