Police called as angry residents confront people flouting rules in Spain's Mallorca
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Police called as angry residents confront people flouting rules in Spain’s Mallorca

Mallorca residents became enraged as group of 25 people huddle together in a bar in Santa Catalina.

The Guardia Civil had to be called after angry residents confronted party-goers at the bar enjoying drinks huddled together.

Reports say that 25 people were drinking shoulder to shoulder and talking and acting like no crisis had ever occured.

The incident happened at a bar in Calle Sant Magi in Palma de Mallorca, the capital of the Spanish isle.

Instagram pictures show the drinkers stood crammed into the bar’s doorways and spilling out onto the street taking no notice of any safety measures and protocols.

The angry residents confronted the drinkers and the bar manager and told them to shut the bar before hurling insults.

Local police and members of the Guardia Civil arrived shortly afterwards.

Police authorities determined that rules from the government were being ignored and closed the bar until further notice.

Local councillor for Palma, Alberto Jarabo, confirmed that local police had already handed down fines to drinking and eating establishments after the stricter lockdown regulations were lifted last week.

The CAEB, (Association of Bars, Restaurants and Cafes) had prewarned business owners before the lockdown rules were lightened that any breach of rules would be met with heavy fines and possible closure.

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