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Premier League Clubs Begin Small Group Training Today

All Premier League clubs have voted in favour of beginning small group training as from today.

At a meeting held yesterday, Premier League shareholders voted unanimously to resume training in clusters.

The groups will not exceed more than five players at one time.

La Liga has also returned to group training.

Yet Spanish clubs will be allowed to train with up to ten people at one time.

Social Distancing Stays in Place

Social distancing will have to be maintained and observed during the training sessions.

While contact training is not yet permitted.

The first stage of training was agreed upon among several parties.

Players and managers, Premier League club doctors, independent experts and the Government were all consulted in making the decision.

Additionally, strict medial protocols are in place, to ensure that players are training in as safe an environment as possible.

Discussions are set to continue over the procedures for full contact training.

The Professional Footballers’ Association and the League Managers’ Association are to be involved.

Premier League Plan Inspections

Inspections, GPS tracking and video analysis could be used to check that Premier League clubs are adhering to safety guidance.

Richard Garlick, the league’s director of football, said that that aim is to have an inspector at every ground eventually.

“That will enable us to give confidence the protocols are being complied with.” He explained.

Garlick also confirmed that the Premier League is looking to develop its own independent audit team.

This will be upscaled over the next few days.

The independent team would then have the capacity to inspect teams without warning.


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