Premier League in talks to use 'cardboard fans' in stadiums in 'Stay at home - be at the game' campaig
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Premier League in talks to use ‘cardboard fans’ in stadiums in ‘Stay at home – be at the game’ campaign

The Football Association have been in talks with clubs about using cardboard cutouts of fans in the stadiums to add visual atmosphere and to let fans feel they are there, it has been confirmed.

The ‘Stay at Home – Be at the Game’ project lets fans upload a picture of themselves to used on a life size cardboard cut out of themselves and a trio of Premier league clubs are considering to use it, aswell as Italy’s Serie A.

Fans can add the face of themselves for only £20 with the money going towards the NHS to help support staff during the coronavirus pandemic.

Borussia Monchengladbach will use 14,000 cardboard fans in today’s game against Bayer Leverkusen.

It is not yet clear how many cardboard cut outs of fans will be present at games.

Other sporting establishments across the world, including basketball’s NBA and baseball’s MLB in America are also considering to use it as their seasons hope to get back underway soon.

NBA superstar Lebron James had previously quoted that he ‘would not play without fans.’

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