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Readers letters answered by Kenny Corris

Kenny, most of my friends are very cautious about moving forward too quickly right now!

Vicky. Finestrat.

After weeks of conditioning this is very normal and rational. We will all have to pace ourselves as certain changes come along. We are programmed that it isn’t safe to be outside or amongst other people right now, and both these two things will be psychologically hard to adapt back into. The Virus has only the law of science to follow whereas this gradual freedom, as a return to normality, takes us from the enforced safety to a more relaxed acceptance of the future. Some will adapt better than others, but overnight changes are going to affect us as the individuals that we all are, after all. Pace yourself. It will be best dealt with under your own control, and it will take as long as it takes. Monitor the situation in hand and take it day by day. If problems continue get back to me, please!

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