Readers Letters answered by Kenny Corris

Readers Letters answered by Kenny Corris

Kenny, my sister has accepted an invitation to return to her nursing duties, having taken early retirement. She is happy to use her skills, loves to work under pressure and is a skilled and talented nurse. However the rest of the family are fearful that she will become sick. What can I do?

Amy, Orba

Well it seems to me that your sister knows what she is doing, and that that she has made a decision, knowing the dangers and the pitfalls of working on the front line under Coronavirus pressures. I suspect that she will not listen to anybody in the family who stops her from doing what she has been called back to do, as a choice. What you can do is to support her in return, send her your love and tell her about your fears. Share with her the feelings of the family, but be there online and send her messages that help her to survive through this. You can rally the support of the entire family, and putting this into action is a far more positive step than trying to stop your sister from what she sees as doing the right thing!

Kenny, I lost both my parents last year, and my partner is currently in lockdown on an oil rig. I suddenly feel so lonely and hate myself for feeling so low. Isolation does not go well for me, but I find it hard to see a clear way ahead. I need hope, some good news and a hug!

Jaqui, Benissa

I know exactly what you are feeling right now Jaqui. You are not alone in your feeling; although knowing that does very little to meet your needs right now. I myself go from feeling trapped, because I have always known freedom; to safety, knowing that I am protected by being restricted. These truly are testing times, so please do not hate yourself for finding that you are not coping very well in the lockdown. The Valencian Government have applied to move immediately to Phase One of the lifting of restrictions. This because there have been comparatively few cases in Alicante Province. This will mean a process of opening up the community, giving us a little more freedom than we have right now, and paving a way ahead to return back to how we were. Your time is better spent now seeing how you can help anyone near to you, and contacting friends on social media. Take away the blame please. Times will be changing and your partner can soon travel back to Spain to be with you. If you get down, give me a ring and we can have a chat together!

Kenny,  I know that local bills need to be paid this month, but I have problems in recovering from surgery and am in isolation. It isn’t easy, but I like to pay my bills on time.

Sondra, CovetaFuma

Sondra, have no worries! I have been in contact with SUMA today and the deadline for all municipal bills has been extended to June 15th. If your deadline is tomorrow, May 8th then you can pay up until mid June and there will be no fines! Payment can be taken by a card payment online, or you can pay in an ATM of your bank. Do not worry. There will be late payments for a variety of reasons, and you will be fine.

Kenny, where is Spirit when we need them the most? My faith is not strong and yet this is a time when I am not alone in wanting and needing a helping hand!

Kay, Benidorm

Indeed Kay! Having faith is such a wonderful thing. I am happy that I have kept infection free over the past weeks so I know that I have so much to be grateful for, especially since there has been so much suffering and coping with a mechanism that has been supposedly set up for us to be kept in safety. You are not alone, but saying this is a cold comfort when the darkest of nights is upon us and we feel the need to reach out. If you have faith then let it be strong. Speak to Spirit because they will want that you are protected and safe and well, and ready to face the current de-escalation of the lockdown.

Faith can move mountains, and that first hug will be so wonderful, I can tell you! Not long now.

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