RTN Online Horoscopes by Kenny Corris- May 15th 2020

RTN Online Horoscopes by Kenny Corris– May 15th 2020

Aries:   Soul searching instigated from the fall out of the recent Retrograde of Jupiter is encouraging and much needed right now. Harnessing your talents and your achievements and the free will in which change becomes more than just a possibility, are all features that will turn your desires into the success deserved!

Taurus:  The Sun in Taurus trines with Pluto in Capricorn  and it’s good to know that powerful and dynamic forces are out there and combining to bring about total  transformation; by focusing on the hidden issues that you are taking for granted time after time. Be nothing but transparent with yourself, and let it happen for you.

Gemini:  With the Sun entering into Gemini there comes a need to plan very carefully all that you can to stimulate balance between your soul and your mind. The last few weeks have served to teach you something, and reality though currently restrictive allows you the freedom to plan, without pressure and yet with stealth.

Cancer: Definitely a time to renovate, cherish and dump the unwanted from your life once and for all. Your hatred of confrontation is because you know in your heart of hearts that you will win hands down, and the subsequent changes that spring from this action are an inspiration for what is really out there for you, and now!

Leo:  The Sun has its current priorities and illuminates and stimulates retrograde Jupiter, Planet of good fortune, just after the weekend. Luck is truly going to be on your side as Capricorn shields impact of the Trine and allows the practicalities of a recent offer to become more and more attractive to you. It now seems right.

Virgo: You seem to have taken things the wrong way. This is indicative of your current need to protect yourself, but nothing is going to happen if you play your cards right. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain so long as you see the horizon of possibility ahead and do not think of looking back!

Libra:  Stored anger does nothing for you and it is time to confront those who would seek to judge you right now, and once and for all. Aries, your opposing sign is shaking things up whilst you hesitate at the first sign of conflict as Venus, your Planetary leader advises balance and calm. Take control, get the guidance you now need.

Scorpio:  A time to do your sums! Balance the books and ask yourself why things are as difficult as they could be right now. Someone is not paying their way, and they are relying on the fact that your kindness and understanding will not provoke conflict, even though they know very well that they have a lot to answer for.

Sagittarius:  With Jupiter in retrograde and the Sun in Taurus you are right to be optimistically cautious right now as finances are laid bare and responsibility shifts. Be very wary of signing any document, and stall for time if you have to, until the coast is clear and hidden issues are revealed by Pluto’s midweek action with Capricorn.

Capricorn: Double Trine this week as Jupiter and Pluto are both beguiled by spectacular plot. With a renewed objective to resolve any unfinished business, there is a cheerful optimism that the great horizon of possibility works magic for you and that possbibly, the enlightened transformation takes you right to where you need to be.

Aquarius:  As the truth seeker of the Cosmos there is much that you are keeping back inside at the moment. It isn’t just the spilling of the beans, which gives you no pleasure whatsoever anyway, but the knowledge that somebody could think of treating someone so badly. Be there as a shoulder to cry on and a true friend indeed!

Pisces: Creative forces are no longer dormant and there is work to be done. A project close to your heart seems to be off the rails right now, and everyone looks to you to make amends, when you would prefer not to be involved in the matter. Look within to see that your soul energy rises and that you could make a difference!

Kenny is delighted to be once again Casting Horoscopes for the RTN Online

Kenny Corris
Kenny Corris

Having worked on some 700 RTN Editions over the past twenty years. His award winning Horoscopes are read all over the World and he welcomes the chance to use his Astrology and intuition to the better good of his readers.

Kenny was awarded the maximum Five Stars in a recent Poll by the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums. His International World ranking as an Astrologer is 19th, and he is happy to be still there in the Top 20!

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