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RTN Online Horoscopes by Kenny Corris- May 22nd 2020

RTN Online Horoscopes by Kenny Corris– May 22th 2020

Aries:   As Mars enters into the calming energies of Pisces there comes a Trine midweek with the Moon entering Cancer. This is just the right time to reward family and friends for their loving care and to find ways of forging new experiences and sharing in positive way the joy of caring for those that are foremost in our lives.

Taurus:   Mercury conjuncts your planetary leader, Venus in Gemini. Above all the message is peace right now, and the past, though it cannot be forgotten, may be a way of not repeating the mistakes that have done so much harm as of late. This is fresh new start, a continuity of goodwill and a sincere way of making all amends.

Gemini:   The Sun resides in Gemini territory and Trines this weekend with Saturn in Aquarius. This is a great time to focus on any long term goals that you wish to work towards. It is not pie in the sky but a sincere time to look around, see what’s on offer and value yourself enough to ensure that dreams can be a new reality too!

Cancer:   Take stock of what is relevant now to your current way of thinking. The Moon is in Cancer and waiting to take on Mars in Pisces. Rather than seeing a clash, which you feel is coming, take adequate steps to ensure that the message goes out both loud and clear. You are not about to be messed with, especially now!

Leo:   With the Sun in splendour in Gemini there are some decisions that need to be faced.Conjuncting with Venus, Mercury sees to it that a long overdue message gets sent and this clears you of any further implication in a burgeoning matter that, if you had known fully what it entailed, you wouldn’t have touched with a barge-pole!

Virgo:  It’s the same old story, and you are getting the run around yet again. This time though, you are both older and wiser and can see it as a learning curve. Since the recent New Moon in Gemini it is clearer than ever that destiny supports and guides you and your intuition is manifesting in many new positive and inspiring ways.

Libra:   Venus is in conjunct with Mercury whilst Saturn takes on Aquarius in a double whammy. Since Aquarius was originally ruled by Saturn it is back to basics right now. Eliminate the doubt that takes you nowhere, and the lack of belief in yourself that stops you going forward and say what others aren’t saying… the truth!

Scorpio:    Hard work certainly inspires you and balancing things for you is a give-on. Your sting is never administered to punish, but it does warn others and right now somebody is right out of line. You will choose your moment, and you will win out in the end, but what you don’t need or deserve is the hassle it comes with.

Sagittarius:  Changes are long overdue, but you have recently taken the time to see things the way that they are. The trine of Saturn with Aquarius allows you to see better than ever the long term adjustments that are soon to be reality, and to make sure that you do not take a back seat in vital negotiations that now have a new twist!

Capricorn:  Ruled by efficient Saturn you connect with the tenth house and you have your feet firmly planted on the ground. In the Cosmos you are known to travel slowly and are observant and spend several months in retrograde. The Trine in Aquarius this weekend will show you that you now need to take bigger steps too.

Aquarius:   Beware that an offer seems too good to be true because it probably is. You are multi talented and can set your mind to anything that comes along, but you work with the truth and faith and anything underhand just will not be your cup of tea! Saturn has an immediate effect by Trine this weekend and you are the priority.

Pisces:   Mercury in Cancer has the effect of a big energy shift this week. You are more perceptive and intuitive as a result. However wait and see what is really behind a recent request. There is far more going on than meets the eye right now and so forewarned is forearmed, and you have bigger fish to fry anyway!

Kenny is delighted to be once again Casting Horoscopes for the RTN Online

Kenny Corris
Kenny Corris

Having worked on some 700 RTN Editions over the past twenty years. His award winning Horoscopes are read all over the World and he welcomes the chance to use his Astrology and intuition to the better good of his readers.

Kenny was awarded the maximum Five Stars in a recent Poll by the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums. His International World ranking as an Astrologer is 19th, and he is happy to be still there in the Top 20!

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