RTN Online Horoscopes by Kenny Corris May 8th

RTN Online Horoscopes by Kenny Corris– May 8th 2020

Aries:   Mars enters into Pisces on the 13th, and you can expect to make waves and experience a storm out at sea around this time, as the Planet of Action is always uncomfortable in the most watery of all signs, Pisces. This has to be the strongest test of your compatibility, but then, who has the right to judge what you do now?

Taurus:  Mercury enters into Taurus territory this weekend, in Trine with Jupiter and Pluto together in Capricorn. This is a fluid time for you, and levels of communication and application are especially favoured. You will find that you are on a natural roll, and that what you say has relevance for those who share with you.

Gemini:  Mercury enters your sign on Monday. Now, at last the time is just right for negotiations in business and with your love life. You have stepped up and now is a time to use your considerable inner strength to ensure that what you get now is what you really want. You have taken second best before, but now it is no compromise!

Cancer:  Time to sort things out in so many ways. Start by removing the garbage of life and be ruthless in your endeavours. You have the backing of the Cosmos as Moon energies are behind you all the way right now. Mars is under wraps and Venus taking a break, so it is now or never, and above all, there is no going back now

Leo:   Bolstered by the actions of the forthcoming Venus retrograde in Gemini, this is not a time to take the action you wish to do. Stall for time, if you have to, but realize that you need to have the right timing to work on this subtle and necessary project; especially since others are both waiting and watching you with some interest.

Virgo:  Ruled by Mercury, your Planetary leader is ensconced in Gemini and ready to take on the fallout from the Venus retrograde. All this has a balancing effect on plans, which, though they may be scuppered as a result, will allow you to see exactly where you are going wrong, and illuminate a far clearer way forward.

Libra:  With a cautious eye on the forthcoming Saturn retrograde in Aquarius, you will find that the missing piece of the puzzle has been found, and that for you it is time to call it a day. If you knew back then what you now know you would never have got involved in what comes next, so rest assured better times are coming, at last!

Scorpio:  With Mars in Pisces and Taurus hosting Mercury this would be a convenient time to go out on a limb! Fearless and determined to get the justice that you need right now, backing comes just as someone steps up, and you find that sharing is profitable and wise, under the current circumstances, if all is said and done.

Sagittarius:  Jupiter joins with Pluto in boosting your psychic senses, allowing you to regenerate the inner you and take things to a satisfactory level. Being able to focus is a newly found enjoyment. At this time your leader, Jupiter is fiery and Pluto takes strength from exaltation in the fire sign Leo, a double whammy!!

Capricorn:  With Mercury in Taurus and in Trine with Jupiter and Pluto, all is centered on Capricorn. That natural flow that you are so known for, starts to work on many levels and brings about active and positive abilities to see exactly what is wanted, and to get in there, to ensure you are amply rewarded for your skills.

Aquarius:  The fall out of the weekend Saturn retrograde in Aquarius will allow you the time to focus on goals and prepare you take things a step forward, since you are both ready and waiting. This week gives you a chance to show those, who do not really know you, what you are capable of, and that you are not to be messed with!

Pisces:  The entry of Mars will ruffle a few feathers, to say the least! However, the Jupiter retrograde at the end of the week will bring you endless, soul searching energies to back your considerable talents, and it will serve to monitor, once and for all, just how strong your true desire for success really is; and the rest is up to you

Kenny is delighted to be once again Casting Horoscopes for the RTN Online

Kenny Corris
Kenny Corris

Having worked on some 700 RTN Editions over the past twenty years. His award winning Horoscopes are read all over the World and he welcomes the chance to use his Astrology and intuition to the better good of his readers.

Kenny was awarded the maximum Five Stars in a recent Poll by the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums. His International World ranking as an Astrologer is 19th, and he is happy to be still there in the Top 20!

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