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Ryanair boss tells people to wear face masks

Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary has claimed that if everyone wore face masks on airplanes, it would reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus “by about 98.5%”.

The Irish boss declares the figure is from a study by Dublin’s Mater Hospital and hopes any action can help his firm resume flights from July.

Ryanair got their claims via a tweet from a specialist surgery department at Dublin’s Mater hospital of graphs and diagrams showing that if two people wear face masks then the risk of transmission is cut to 1.5%.

However, Professor Paul Hunter from the University of East Anglia, stated he could “find no valid data to support the claims,” adding his “best guess” would be that wearing face masks would cut transmission by 10% to 15%.

Dr Hunter has conducted a review into mask studies and as part of his work at UEA Norwich Medical School, he has helped to conduct a systematic review of studies into the effectiveness of mask-wearing in preventing the spread of coronavirus.

He said there were many factors at play, including the type of mask worn – with some more effective than others at trapping particles.

Ryanair are another airline in desperate need to get flights back up and running as soon as possible as the aviation industry has taken a 113 billion dollar hit since the start of the pandemic with nearly every nation on earth closing it’s borders to outside flights.


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