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Second Wave of the Coronavirus Breaks Out in Chinese city Wuhan sparking world apprehension

The Chinese city of Wuhan, where the Covid-19 epidemic originated, has been hit with a SECOND WAVE, it has been reported.

The second cluster has come after a a 76-day lockdown was lifted on April 8th.

The news has caused the authorities in China to plan to conduct tests on the Chinese city’s entire population after the new cases came to light. Hubei Province and national officials were ordered to submit by noon on Tuesday plans to administer nucleic acid tests on ALL 11 million residents in the city.

“Each district should make plans and arrangements to conduct nucleic acid tests on the entire population in its jurisdiction within a 10-day time limit,” the notice said, although it was unclear when testing would begin.

The Chinese government insists it can control the new outbreak but it remains to be seen.

The news will be seen as disheartening across the world as countries plan to move out of their own lockdown phases in the hope the virus has been contained.


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