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Shoppers and businesses flock to eBay

In excess of 50,000 new business have registered to start selling their products on the UK branch of eBay to meet the demands of online shoppers since the start of the lockdown reports have said.

Sales of hot tubs have gone through the roof, with a 480% increase in sales, while exercise equipment has risen 220%. This is due to people now understanding that it’s easier to socialise amongst themselves and exercise at home and not the local gym.

Domestic products such as brewing kits for beer and wine and bread makers sales have also risen over 200% pointing to a more self-sufficient lifestyle. Fashion brands have also signed up to sell their spring collections online, as they are doubting these will ever make the rails in retails outlets.

Rob Hattrell, the UK boss of eBay, said that ” businesses are just trying to find a way to survive”.

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