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Simpson family spotted in benidorm.

The Simpson family were spotted this morning on Calle Ruzafas new psychedelic pedestrian crossing.

Blatantly flaunting social distancing and travel restrictions they were last seen at a recently opened Benidorm franchise of Krusty burgers. An Exclusive interview revealed they got around travel restrictions by being drawn into the area.
Homer between mouthfuls of Krusty’s famous “Pulled Pig n Paella” burger would only comment Duh…
Spanish immigration have confirmed none of the family hold Spanish residencies. Local and national police have “erase on sight” orders. Special anti cartoonery equipment has been issued.
Santa’s little helper, the Simpsons pet dog was abandoned at Krusty burger tied to a giant clown as the family fled. He has since been entered into a 14 day quarantine period.
Spain’s PM said he has already bought this matter directly to Donald trump for an explanation.
Trump replied “I have no idea what’s going on here. What day is it today? I’m not responsible for this”
If you spot any of the family contact the authorities immediately. World renowned  authentication expert, Professor Sandra McFakely from Barnsley UK, has confirmed with 100% accuracy as usual this is not fake news.

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