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Sixth person charged with murder over teen girl killing

A sixth man has been charged with murder for the slaying of teen law-student Aya Hachem, it has been reported.

Miss Hachem, 19, was walking down a street in her hometown of Blackburn, Lancashire, on the 17th of May when she was shot.

She was walking to the supermarket to get vital supplies for her family during the UK corona lockdown and was caught in the crossfire of the alleged original target, Pashar Khan.

Ayaz Hussain, 34, will appear before magistrates in Preston today, Lancashire police have said.

Five other people have been charged with murder already.

They are named as Feroz Suleman, 39, Kashif Manzoor, 24, Uthman Satia, 28, Abubakir Satia, 31, and Judy Chapman, 26, who are all from Blackburn.

The all appeared at Preston Magistrates court and have all been remanded into custody.

All six are also charged with the the attempted murder of Mr Khan, who police believe was the intended target.

They are all charged under the ‘Joint enterprise’ law which means anyone involved in any planning of a crime or affiliated to a crime, whether they are the ones who commit the act or not, can be charged as if they have carried out the deed.

The law was brought out in the UK under the Labour government in the early 2000s to try and deter gang crime.

Lancashire police have also appealed to witnesses for more information.

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