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South Yorkshire police critisise man for wearing jeans

South Yorkshire police has apologised to a man after criticising him for wearing jeans while taking exercise during the lockdown. South Yorkshire police issued a message summarising some of the checks being undertaken by officers who were on the lookout for people breaching the restrictions in place.

Between essential exercise sauntering in jeans, an essential trip to the shop for egg custards and an essential trip to the cashpoint machine for money to use in the morning, the force said they had given out a lot of advice. Their message sparked criticism of the police for overstepping their powers from the Network for Police Monitoring, a group that monitors excessive, violent or intimidating policing. Sharing the police alert on Twitter they said “the wrong kind of jeans for exercise? Honestly, it’s becoming embarrassing now #PolicingTheCoronaState. Other critics have pointed out there are no guidelines stating what to wear for exercising. South Yorkshire police have now apologised for the alert.

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