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Spain News: Ryanair to lay off 351 employees

Ryanair will be laying off 351 workers among cabin crew from Spain it has stated. This cut is included in the adjustment plan of 3,000 job losses across Europe. More details will be emerging this month. There is tension among workers as some of them have not received benefits despite being under the ERTE scheme for two months. They blame it on the “bad management of the company before SEPE”.

Spain has highest percentage of infected health workers

It is evident that those in the front line of defense against COVID-19, that is, the health workers, are more exposed to the contagion than other groups. Spain has recorded the highest percentage of infected health workers in the world, at 21.4%, more than Italy and the US. WHO says the reason is the absence, for too long, of proper diagnostic tests, but how does Spain explain this alarming infection rate?

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