Spain PM looks set to win parliamentary ‘state of alert’ vote claiming 'chaos' on the streets if vote loses.
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Spain PM looks set to win parliamentary ‘state of alarm’ vote claiming ‘chaos’ on the streets if vote loses.

If the PM wins tomorrow’s vote on extending the lockdown by two more weeks, the coalition government will retain powers to rule by decree and limit freedom of movement until June the 7th.

Spain’s congress is due to vote on the issue on Wednesday, with every indication that 10 MPs of the People’s Party (Ciudadanos’), who Spain PM Pedro Sanchez did a deal with, will be enough to ensure another two week of the state of alert that enables the lockdown.

The prime minister reached his second deal in as many weeks with the Ciudadanos party as it has become increasingly difficult for PM Sánchez’s minority coalition to win a majority in parliament for prolonging the lockdown.

Critics argued the state of alert gives the government too much power over the nation and the dictorate and is no longer required now that the country is moving into phase 2.

However, the PM has stated that Spain would be in “chaos” if it lost the powers granted by the state of alert, which is due to expire on Sunday.

Government spokesperson, María Jesús MonteroIt, said yesterday: “It would be a great risk for citizens’ health if the state of alert were not approved,”  and “All the work done beforehand would have been in vain.”

Pm Sanchez had his plea for a 5 week state of alarm rejected last week, so has bargained for a two week prolonging with The People’s Party (Ciudadanos) coming to his aid.

It is his sixth time of asking for extensions and the country has lost faith with protesters gathering in Seville to protest against the Spanish government’s coronavirus crisis management and the continuous state of alarm.

However, both the cases of infection and actual death rates of coronavirus in Spain have dropped since the peak of the pandemic.

Spain hopes to complete its exit from the lockdown by mid-July.


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