Spain PM wins backing to extend "brutal confinement" for the 6th time
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Spain PM wins backing to extend “brutal confinement” for the 6th time

Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has just won the parliamentary backing to extend the lockdown for another two weeks from today, despite opposition from his rightwing opponents.

There were also protests from opponents who feel his minority coalition government have far too much power regarding national rules.

In fact, the opposing parties have labelled the handling of the pandemic and constant strict measures as “brutal confinement”.

Sanchez had tried to extend the lockdown for another 5 weeks but was unsuccessful, however his 2 week long lockdown until the 7th of June will go ahead.

The PM said: “The alarm state and the de-escalation plan did work. It will not last a day longer than necessary. No one has the right to waste what we have achieved among all.

“It’s the Spanish people who have stopped the virus together… nobody has the right to squander what we’ve achieved during these long weeks of confinement,” Sanchez told lawmakers in congress today.

The measure has allowed the government to impose a strict lockdown on Spain’s nearly 47 million population, significantly limiting the freedom of movement to fight the pandemic which has now claimed 27,888 lives.

However, thousands have taken to the streets of Spain’s cities to protest.

These protests have been backed by the far-right Vox and the main rightwing opposition People’s Party (PP), whose leader Pablo Casado also spoke today at congress.

“You are the epitome of chaos and the worst thing is that you are unable to protect the Spanish people without resorting to this brutal confinement,” he stated.

From tomorrow, it will be obligatory to wear masks in public where social distancing is not possible, officials said earlier.

The new regulations applies to everyone aged six and over.


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