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Spain police handed out 1 million fines during lockdown

Police across Spain dished out more than 1 million fines during the strict lockdown from March the 15th, it has been reported.

Between now and the day the country went into lockdown under the ‘State of Alarm’ roughly 15,200 fines were handed out daily for violating Covid-19 rules.

The figures come after the office of the Interior were asked via Ombudsman.

“The objective is to carry out a global analysis of the sanctioning regime during the State of Alarm, in order to assess whether it has acted correctly and proportionally,” the Ombudsman said in a statement at the time.

Many people across the country feel they have been penalised unfairly with many countries governments, aswell as Spain, calling some fines “illegal” and reviews are in place to seek compensation.

In the UK the the National Police Chiefs’ Council says 13,445 fines were issued by forces in England and 799 in Wales for breaches of social distancing rules brought in to fight the Covid-19 outbreak between March and May.

Laws in Spain have been loosened since moving into Phase 1 since last week.

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