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Spain – President of Benidorm’s and Valencia’s hotels predicts ‘cheaper’ summer

The President of The Benidorm, Costa Blanca and Valencia Region Hotel Association (HOSBEC) has announced that resorts could see “half a summer with lower prices.”

Referring to a meeting between 11 states of the EU yesterday, which aimed to carve out solutions for air travel between the nations, President of HOSBEC Tony Mayor remains adamant summer can be saved and holidaymakers will be able to enjoy a ‘cheaper’ time.

In light of the events including most of Spain moving into Phase 1 of lockdown Mr Mayor said: “All of this should mean that if things are done well, it will be possible to do half a summer of business and volume with lower prices.”

HOSBEC is currently working on getting hotels up and running in time for June, which “will be made more flexible depending on the control of the virus.”

Mr Mayor stressed “the process must be accompanied by the unblocking of mobility between provinces from June 22 and the situation within Europe.”

His optimism is also backed up by our report earlier of an ‘airbridge’ between Spain and the UK which will enable travellers not to have to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival in country.


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  1. We have already paid £453 towards the ambassador’s hotel so how can we place a booking for when we come over the next time we come so can you please explain the situation we stand in as we was spouse to go on the 14th June for 10 days but have not been able to go due through the covid19 please reply asap thank you.

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