ZERO coronavirus deaths in Spain yesterday for first time since pandemic starts
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Spain: Today’s Covid-19 deaths down by 50% from yesterday

The Ministry of Health for Spain have released today’s figures for deaths and cases, minus figures for Catalonia which haven’t been released.

In 24 hours there have been another 48 deaths across Spain of the Covid-19 virus.

This is just over half the figure for yesterday of 95 fatalities showing that there is a trend of decline amidst the pandemic and hopes that the curve downwards will continue as the nation looks to move into Phase 2 of in June.

Phase 2 will mean much less restrictions and a return to normality once the figures suggest it is safe to do.

There has been 344 infections in the last 24 hours, figures confirmed by PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) testing by health officials.

27,940 people have died of coronavirus so far in Spain and 233,037 have caught the virus since the start of the pandemic this year.


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