Spain travel restrictions: Masks could be mandatory for sunbathers
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Spain travel restrictions: Masks could be mandatory for sunbathers

Sunbathers across Spain may be forced to wear masks from here on in, as well as other restrictions, proposed by the government.

As restrictions ease for residents, plus the millions of Brits who come to the Spanish nation every year, the holiday scene won’t be the same as it once was with plans and restrictions in place.

These include wearing masks at the beach, a limit of 4 house maximum at the beach, having to shower beforehand, and keeping to 2 metre rules.

The Spanish authorities have even adapted high-tech imaging to see how crowded beaches are therefore restricting and limiting people.

Juan Marin, vice-president of the regional government of Andalusia, which issued the recommendations, said: “I think we’ll have to get used to going to beaches in a different way to that we’ve been enjoying up to now,”

This week the Spanish Health Ministry announced that masks will soon be made obligatory in closed public spaces but also outdoors where social distancing cannot realistically be used.

Today, Arancha González Laya, Spain’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, said that the quarantine is a “temporary” measure and said the country was keen to welcome British tourists as soon as possible.

However, Brits being able to visit it’s beloved European neighbour looks highly in doubt especially as PM Pedro Sanchez looks set to extend his state of alarm by a further two weeks today.

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