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Spain’s Airline Iberia under fire for breaking coronavirus laws

The Guardia Civil is investigating whether airlines breached safety rules on three flights in recent days as passengers ran to the authorities over numerous rule violations.

One case involved an Iberia flight from Madrid to the Canary Islands on May 10th with passengers themselves reporting the alleged violations to the airport police before take-off.

Guardia officers met the plane on the runway in the Canaries and they found that more than 70 per cent of the aircraft’s seats were occupied.

State of Alarm rules say that ‘airlines must guarantee passengers the maximum possible separation to prevent any contagion, although it does not provide a specific occupancy ratio.’

The other two flights were again operated by Iberia flying out of Madrid and one by Air Europa flying between Ibiza and Palma Majorca

Of the three flights under investigation, the Guardia Civil alleged that infractions ranged from non-compliance with social distancing to the absence of specific hygiene measures such as non-wearing of masks and sanitation.

Iberia said in a statement that it had “applied all initiatives needed and requested to protect customers and employees that were recommended by regulators and the industry.”

An Air Europa spokesman said the airline complies with all the rules and protocols.

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