Spain's Andalusia province president asks for clarity on breaking lockdown
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Spain’s Andalusia province president asks for clarity on breaking lockdown

The head of the People’s Party of Spain and Andalusian leader, Juan Manuel Moreno, calls to the Spanish government on how to proceed to phase 2 of the Corona crisis.

He said he wants to be ‘informed as soon as possible’ and demanded that the move to phase 2 be ‘co-ordinated, clear and transparent.’

It comes as parts of the region moved into phase 1 last week with the rest of the autonomous region fully immersing as of today.

Mr Moreno had stated that the advancement from phase 0 to phase 1 had been unclear and left citizens confused on rules, as well as how officials could progress their constituencies as best they can.

“If there is information and transparency, we will faithfully respect the decision that are adopted,” he told a video conference of regional presidents and the prime minister Pedro Sanchez.

He also stated that if Andalusia fails in it’s objective to make the area safe to progress to phase two then he and the Junta will not ask to move forward.

Mr Moreno also asked the prime minister to be allowed to move Malaga and Granada into phase two along with the whole region.

It comes as Health Minister Salvador Illa said Malaga and Granada must stay in phase 1 for at least two weeks. They are two of the most populous areas of Andalusia and have suffered most at the hands of Covid-19.

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