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Spain’s Benidorm Bars take a stand against opening restrictions

Benidorm Bars that are members of ABRECA-COBRECA (The Association of Bars, Restaurants and Cafes in Benidorm) are taking a stand against the Governments opening restrictions for businesses.

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If you are walking around Benidorm’s Old Town you may have noticed a lot of “Se Traspasa” signs up in many of the well know cafes and restaurants in the area. These are part of a protest by the Association members against the 30% capacity rules recently announced.

benidorm bars

Regular Benidorm visitors and residents will recognise many of the locals shown.

benidorm bars

Current regulations for Phase 1 of de-escalation

As of May 11, as announced by the government, the opening of terraces will be allowed. It will be limited to 30% of the tables allowed in previous years based on the municipal license ensuring distances. They could have a greater number of tables if the city council allows more available space. Respecting the table / surface ratio of 30% and with a proportional increase in pedestrian space on the same stretch of public road.

benidorm bars

Pablo González, president of COBRECA stated: .  “If we reduce billing to 70%, it is impossible for us to guarantee the same service”

“In addition, you cannot reduce to 70% the electricity bill, the rent, the loans …” he added

These signs are meant as a warning to the Government as to the possible outcome of these regulations. Mirroring what is being done in Elche and Salamanca currently.

benidorm bars

The campaign aims to warn of possible consequences that are affecting all businesses at present. There is confusion as well over what sanitary measures must be put in place. Over a hundred establishments have so far put the signs in place.

President Javier del Castillo said additionally “In the face of continued mistreatment and neglect by the government of the hospitality industry.  We want to demonstrate in one of the few ways that we can,”

benidorm bars

The signs are in place as a protest to gain attention to our plight. many of our staff still have not received payments from the government. We are just trying to get our minimum rights recognised.

benidorm bars

Local support is needed. Meetings are scheduled for next week to establish aid for the hospitality sector in this area.

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