Spain's Benidorm to be 'better than ever' hotelier claims
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Spain’s Benidorm to be ‘better than ever’ hotelier claims

Hotel boss appears on BBC to give his view of the coming summer with the statement that it will be ‘better than ever.’

Irving Ribot, who heads the Hotel Rosamar in Benidorm, stated live on air that even though the area is desolate and empty, everything is being done to welcome back holidaymakers who are vital to the lifeline of the country.

“Benidorm is really desolate at the moment, it has never been like this before… but I’m sure with all the measures being implemented we are going to be ready,” Mr Ribot said from outside the hotel on Calle Derramador.

“Once all this is over we are going to start business back up again and it will be back to normal. Benidorm has its essence, nobody can deny that. Benidorm has been welcoming people for many, many years and I do not see why we can’t get back on our feet again.”

The hotel was due to open on the May 1st, however with further national lockdowns, including a further two week state of alarm from yesterday, the hotel have postponed, but claim they are ready to go as soon as they get the official go ahead.

“It all depends on government and the local authorities allowing the industry, little by little, to get back to the business we had before,” Mr Ribot reasoned.

When queried on how it will be ‘better than ever’ the hotel director said:

“Once the industry is open again, we have the right measures in place and the government gives the signal to open the resort in the proper conditions, we will get back to what we were and even better.”

“It’s a completely different normality that we are facing here. That’s why hotels in Benidorm are getting ready for all these measures.

“One of the things that we always have in mind when we have clients from outside (of Spain) is the security of the people, for us that’s the first rule. So we are implementing everything that’s possible to make sure that of course, guests are safe and that there is no problem travelling abroad and coming here to Spain.”

“You have to be sure that we will get out of this together, and of course Benidorm is still the place we remember, but even better.

“We will be ready to receive people as soon as the governments lifts all the restrictions, especially the quarantine that is affecting us right now.”

The country is currently on another extended state of alarm, however, with many regions moving into phase two from Monday it is hoped tourism will happen again this summer.

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