Spain's Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol see rise in holiday bookings
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Spain’s Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol see rise in holiday bookings

As French beaches restrict beachgoers to ‘extreme measures’, the southern regions of Spain see a boost in bookings.

As beaches opened last week to people in France, many were turned off by the strict rules, including having to sit in fenced off areas that need to be pre-booked. As also being told when they could go and swim into the sea.

Spaces are at a premium too with June fully-booked already meaning people who suddenly want to go to a beach anywhere allowed in France will have to wait.

Some beaches in France were even closed for infractions, including three in one area of Brittany this week.

As reported through Spain’s ministers, the country is hoping to be free of restrictions by July with many across Europe, especially the UK, booking trips incase this comes to light.

Joanna Mitchell, who runs a travel agency in the east end of London, says she has seen a significant shift in the last few days.

“There has definitely been an increase in Benidorm holiday packages this week, Benidorm is leading the way for all Spanish holiday bookings with packages being cancelled in France due to the restrictions.”

Ministers in Spain have ruled out France-style ‘beach boxes’, instead favouring technology such as surveillance and gadgets which can sense how busy a location of beach is.

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