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Spain’s Costa Blanca to open 400 car drive-through cinema next month

The drive-in cinema and music venue will be open to the public at the Rabasa-enclosure in Alicante.

It will boast the biggest cinema screen in all of Europe of 500 square metres and can fit 400 cars.

CEO and founder of Cinemacar, Nando Coderch, has said that “With this opening we can enjoy the culture in a safe way since the facilities have been designed taking into account the social distance and the sanitary recommendations.

“We all know the security features of a drive-in cinema and why they make it the perfect entertainment and leisure option for all types of families, couples or groups of friends.”

It has been hailed as a brand new concept of drive-in cinema in the wake of the coronavirus. The venue has more than 45,000 square metres of amenities dedicated to cinema, food stalls and live music, it has been revealed.

Safety is of upmost importance with management stating the area will be disinfected daily and the whole setting is built on asphalt making this task much easier. All vehicles that enter and exit will be disinfected also.

The Cinemacar outdoor venue will opens to the public on June the 11th.


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