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Spain’s Costa del Sol sees the blue arrows hit the streets to ensure social distancing safety

Spain’s Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol has introduced blue arrows in an attempt to see participation of safe distancing on the streets 

Residents yesterday watched as workers deployed by the town hall started painting blue arrows onto the busy streets of Feungirola pointing in different directions dependent on what side of the pavement.

Whilst residents of the town watched on imagining they were for social distancing but not really sure, the towns Mayor then released a statement which read:

“Due to the State of Alarm that we are going through and in order to order pedestrian traffic in the busiest places in the municipality, the Mayor has proposed a series of measures to facilitate pedestrians in that traffic in the busiest areas,” González explained, noting that “for this we have decided to put arrows that will direct the direction of the pedestrians’ march on the sidewalks, so that the right side goes in the direction of Malaga and the left side goes in the direction of Marbella” .
“This direction of travel will benefit pedestrians so that they circulate more comfortably, that there are no crossings between people and, above all, to facilitate compliance with interpersonal distance measures, as advised by the State of Alarm,” González explained.
 “arrows are going to be painted blue in busy areas such as the Paseo Marítimo, for example, where the sidewalk of the riverside wall, which is attached to the beach, will be in the direction of Malaga, while the other sidewalk will be towards Marbella ”. In addition to the Paseo Marítimo, the mayor explained that this new signage will also be installed on other roads that support a lot of pedestrian traffic such as Condes de San Isidro Avenue, Cuesta Street, Camino de Coín, Station Avenue, Jesús Cautivo Avenue, Los Boliches avenue, Spain street, Cervantes street, Hermanos Pinzón, José López Ruiz, Marconi, Palangreros, Calle Larga, San Rafael, Marbella and Troncón.
“It is a matter of signalling with these arrows those streets that due to use may be more crowded so that there is greater security in movement in those areas,” explained the mayor, noting that “today we are going to start painting so that the citizens of Fuengirola can see these arrows and know which is the correct direction of travel to guarantee greater security and to prevent crossings between pedestrians ”.
Fuengirola has had a large problem during exercise times with large gatherings of people clearly not a safe distance apart as well as many accidents, many including cyclists.
Although as the arrows went down nobody actually seemed to take any notice, and later in the evening people were still walking the wrong way too.
Residents are going to watch in anticipation this morning to see if the directional arrows are actually enforced.


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