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Spanish teen arrested for murder of father and woman

Toledo Spain – A 17 year old teenager has been arrested on suspicion of the murder of his father and another woman it has been confirmed.

Emergency services were alerted after residents heard some shots late last night and local armed police were sent to the town situated 30km south of Madrid.

The police went to the house where the shots were reported to come from and found a 38 year old man and 25 year old woman inside with bullet wounds.

Unfortunately both died before ambulance services could reach the scene.

A doctor who completed the autopsy told officials that the deaths were due to gunshot wounds with the man receiving two shots to the arm and one in the back.

The teenager was arrested by Guardia Civil in the village of  Villarejo de Montalbán 20km west of the scene in Toledo.

All three persons involved have been confirmed as Brazilian nationals.

The case is ongoing.

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