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This Day In History

Interesting events throughout history on This Day In History

  • 1660 – English parliament declares Charles Stuart to be King Charles II of England
  • 1835 – First installment of Hans Christian Anderson’s “Fairy Tales” in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • 1895 – China cedes Taiwan to Japan under Treaty of Shimonoseki.
  • 1902 – Mount Pelee on Martinique erupts, wiping out the city of Saint-Pierre and killing 30,000 leaving only 2 survivors.
  • 1945 – VE Day: World War II ends in Europe after Germany signs an unconditional surrender.
  • 1980 – World Health Organisation announces smallpox has been eradicated.
  • 2007 – A new Northern Ireland Executive is formed with Ian Paisley (DUP) as first minister and Martin McGuiness (Sinn Fein) as deputy first minister.

Today in Film and TV

1958 – “Dracula” film starring Christopher Lee is the first Hammer Horror film released.

Today in Music

  • 1979 – The Cure release their debut album “Three Imaginary Boys” (Boys Don’t Cry in US and Australia).

Today in Sport

  • 1984 – The Soviet Union announces it will not participate in Los Angeles summer Olympics in retaliation for the American boycott of the 1980 Moscow Olympics.

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