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This day in History May 19th

Interesting facts about This day in History May 19th

  • 1536 – Anne Boleyn, second wife of King Henry VIII, is beheaded at the Tower of London on charges of adultery, incest and treason.
  • 1643 – Massachusetts Bay, Plymouth, Connecticut and New Harbor form the United Colonies of New England.
  • 1649 – England is declared a Commonwealth by an act of the Rump Parliament making England a republic for the next 11 years.
  • 1885 – German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck takes possession of Cameroon and Togoland.
  • 1898 – US Congress passes the Private Mailing Card Act, allowing private publishers and printers to produce postcards, had to be labelled “Private Mailing Cards” until 1901, known as “souvenir cards”.
  • 1919 – Mustafa Kemai Ataturk lands at Samsun on the Black Sea coast, beginning the Turkish War of Independence.

Today in Film and TV

  • 1989 – “Do the Right Thing”, directed by Spike Lee, starring Danny Aielle and Ossie Davies premiers at the Cannes film festival.


in Music

  • 1958 – “South Pacific” soundtrack album goes to number one and stays there for 31 weeks.

Today in Sport

  • 1991 – Willy T Ribbs becomes first African American driver to make Indianapolis 500.

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