Two leeds men jailed for home shooting
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Two leeds men jailed for home shooting

Two Seacroft gangmembers jailed for firing a gun at a house in Leeds.

Armed police arrested 25-year-old Connor Hennigan in his car after a police that lasted an hour.

Leeds Crown Court heard that the pair had taken a shotgun to a house in Leeds and fired shots at the front door of the house, scaring neighbours as well as the targets inside.

Shotgun shells were found in the front door of the house on Kentmere Road, Seacroft, after the shooting 7.30am on January 11th 2020.

Hennigan, of Foundry Lane, Seacroft, was jailed for six years after admitting possessing a firearm and dangerous driving during the chase.

Liam Clough, of Tarnside Drive, Seacroft, who is only 19, was jailed for five-years-and-three months after admitting possessing a firearm.

Evidence came to light that Connor Hennigan was arrested after police were made aware that his Mercedes Benz vehicle had a tracking device on it.

Not only was he subsequently arrested, albeit via a police chase, but the prosecution used the tracking evidence to show jurors where he had been and at which times of day.

Later that day, police recovered the home-made shotgun which was used in the incident from underneath a caravan parked outside Hennigan’s grandparents’ address on Rosgill Drive.

Officers also found used shotgun cartridges and ammunition for the gun.

Accomplice Clough’s DNA was found on the gun’s trigger and handle.

Jailing the pair, Judge Christopher Batty said: “It was a potentially lethal weapon.

“That weapon was taken in the car that you were using Hennigan and you collected Clough for support.

“With two others, you went to a house and that firearm was discharged towards the front door.”

No-one was hurt in the shooting.

Judge Batty also banned Hennigan from driving for five years once he is released.


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