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Two people arrested in Malaga asking for milk in house burglary attempt

A couple in Malaga have been arrested after trying to burgle a house by knocking on the resident’s door and asking for milk. 

Local police were called to a house in Calle Eume in the northern part of the city as a man struggled to contain the couple attempting to burgle his home.

Police have said that the two-person team planned to ask for milk and once the door was opened proceed with the crime by threatening the man with a knife and then tying him up.

However, the man fought back and the two would-be robbers escaped on foot whilst residents, hearing the commotion came to the man’s aid by calling La Policia.

Police have also stated the man, who lives in the La Pamilla district of Malaga, knew the perpetrators and the authorities managed to track both of them down nearby shortly afterwards.

A kitchen knife was found on the man during the arrest.

The victim was said to be unhurt besides injuries to his legs from plates the woman threw at him in the subsequent wrestle.

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