Tyson Return a Moral Dilemma Says Hearn

Tyson Return a Moral Dilemma Says Hearn

Mike Tyson’s potential return to boxing presents the sport with a moral dilemma, says promoter Eddie Hearn.

There has been increasing speculation that 53-year-old “Iron Mike”, now wishes to return to the ring.

Tyson recently released a video which included the message “I’m back”.

Hearn Believes Return “Irresponsible”

Hearn told British Boxing Television that it would be irresponsible to let someone of Tyson’s age back into boxing.

He said: “I had a message from someone saying they wanted to talk to me about Mike.” 

“He looks pretty dangerous. What’s compelling is could he actually go back in at 53 and do some damage? But should we be encouraging that from an all-time great?”

Hearn also reflected that there is a fine line between entertainment, and the integrity of the sport.

The promoter also said that he believed money is the main motivating factor behind Tyson considering a return.

Tyson Youngest Ever

Tyson who was once the youngest ever heavyweight champion at the age of 20.

He knocked out Trevor Berbick in the second round in their 1986 bout.

Tyson successfully defended his title nine times, before a shock defeat to James Buster Douglas in Toyko in 1991.

Overall he won 50 fights including 44 knock outs, and suffered six losses.

At his peak he was regarded as one of the most fearsome fighters that the sport had ever seen.

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