UK police issues over 14,000 fines during lockdown
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UK police issues over 14,000 fines during lockdown

Police in England and Wales have issued more than 14,000 fines for alleged breaches of the lockdown laws, data shows.

Breaches of social distancing rules and not leaving areas when told to by the authorities were some of the reasons attributed to the high amount of fines.

One person has been noted as a repeat offender and fined nine times with data suggesting 862 people were repeat offenders across the nation.

The National Police Chiefs’ Council says 13,445 fines were issued by forces in England and 799 in Wales for breaches of social distancing rules brought in to fight the coronavirus outbreak.

The Met Police of London handed out the most fines with Thames Valley propping up second.

The times when the most fines were imposed were during sunny weather at Easter, with almost 600 handed out on Saturday 11 April and another 500 the following day.

But the National Police Chiefs’ Council says its figures show officers are taking a “proportionate” approach – with only one in 5,000 people across England and Wales fined.

Data has shown that 44 people charged under the Coronavirus Law – drawn up after the lockdown started – were children, and were illegally fined.

The first fines for flouting rules were £60 but have been increased to £100 as of Wednesday.

This will be lowered to £50 if paid within 14 days – similiar to parking fines – however, fines will double for each repeat offence up to a maximum of £3,200.

The lockdown rules were relaxed this week in the UK with people being able to have unlimited excercise and able to meet one other member of a household as long as social distancing measures are still observed.

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