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VE Day: Last Nazi message intercepted by codebreakers

The last coded message Britain intercepted from a German military communication network has been revealed for the first time since the war ended. It proves that the code breakers working at Bletchley Park carried on the interceptions even in the final days of the war, just in case the Nazis made a final stand against Great Britain.

A person only identified as Lieutenant Kunkel sent out the last message as Allied forces pushed forward and the network had to retreat to the German town of Cuxhaven. The intercepted message was received at Bletchley as Kunkel signed off on the 7th May 1945 at 7.35am. The message read as follows : British troops entered Cuxhaven at 2pm on 6th May – all radio traffic will now cease – wishing you all the best – Lt. Kunkel. Another message followed immediately after stating the following : closing down forever – all the best – goodbye.

It shows that while the nation were preparing to celebrate VE day the Bletchley Park workers were still protecting the country.

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